Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So i'm diggin twitter!

It has replaced tv for me on so many levels, but I think the biggest reason I dig it is because I am honored to have the opportunity to follow some really awesome people in the celebrity world. Some I admire, some I just have a natural curiosity about, others I just appreciate and love and have always! And it's really 'them' speaking on their own goin on's in their world as opposed to ew TMZ or some other gossip colemn picking apart these people's lives like they are not real people. I see twitter as a sort of "in your face" giving the finger to these gossip columns who make uber money off of reporting half truths and tickling the belly of the rumor mills. VIVA LA TWITTER! oh and just so you know.........if I am following are celebrity status to me! this includes those everyday people in my life that others may not know about.



I miss blogging....

well yahoo 360 has made a move and I chose not to be a part of that move so i'm thinking this might be a good look! i'll get back to bloggin soon! ~NAMASTE~